Why Custom Clip-In?

Custom Clip-In is the only product on the market that allows Hair Stylists to easily Create a Hair Extension that will 100% Match their client’s taste, style and budget. You can use the Custom Clip-In with hair wefts of any length, quality (synthetic or human), texture, or color. With Custom Clip-In, you will Create the Perfect Clip-In Extension for Your Clients. SEE MORE EXAMPLES

Professional Hair Extension Kit

  • Customized, glamorous, long hair in minutes.
  • Quicker and easier than 7-piece extensions.
  • 1-piece Custom Clip-In extension system.
  • Choose whatever color, length, style, price hair weft you desire — simply attach the weft to the Custom Clip-In.
  • Stars pay thousands for fully-customized caps. Now it can be done for a fraction of the cost.
(Hair not included)

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